How do we contact Al Dallal Real Estate during Office Working Hours?

You can call us on 04-2222115, or send email to

How do we contact Al Dallal Real Estate outside of Office Working Hours?

You can send email to

In case of emergency, whom should we contact?

If there is Fire, please contact Dubai Civil Defense.

If there is an issue with Water and Electricity, please check with the Building Watchman or Security. But if it is an external problem, you must contact DEWA.

If there is a maintenance issue, what should I do?

In case you require maintenance for your premises, please send us an email to

If I would like to make a Cash Payment, where can I pay?

You can pay in any of our Banks through ATM deposits, Teller deposits or Direct Bank Transfers. You can send us an email, and we will send you our Bank Account details. Once you make the payment, you must send the Bank Deposit slip to us.

Please note that we do not accept Cash in our office or collect it from your premises. All Cash payments should be done through Bank.

How can I submit Rental Cheques to Al Dallal Real Estate?

You can submit the cheques in our office. If requested, our messenger can collect the Cheques from you – from anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah.

How can I sign the Tenant Contact?

Once you have submitted the cheques, you can sign the Tenancy Contract in our office. In certain circumstances, the Tenancy can be sent to you by email or through our messenger for signature. Once you have signed, you need to send the original to our office.

How do I collect the Finalized Tenancy Contract and EJARI?

You may collect the Original from our office. If requested, we can send the Finalized Tenancy Contract and EJARI Registration Certificate to your registered email address.

Should I complete the ‘Tenant Profile Form’ every time I renew my Tenancy Contract?

Yes, so that we have up-to-date information for future communication. If you have changed any of your contact information after completing the ‘Tenant Profile Form’, do send us an email.


This list of Questions and Answers are subjected to change depending on the policies of Al Dallal Real Estate.

Updated: 08/march/2020